In Melbourne in May 1994, Australian Rules football player Russell Prowse was ejected from a game and severely reprimanded by the league. He had attempted to diffuse a potential brawl by grabbing opponent Scott Cameron and kissing him flush on the lips. Prowse's gambit worked: Cameron reportedly … Continue reading

Gas Station Bully.

Legend has it that football great Bronco Nagurski opened a gas station upon retirement from the NFL. A visitor to town asked whether or not he was successful. "Once someone gets gas from Bronco, they never go anyplace else", a local told him. "Is the service that good?" asked the visitor. "No, not … Continue reading

God’s Knight

Each day before I get out of bed, I try to dress myself in the full Armor of God. I say, 'Okay, I want to be fully prepared for spiritual battle. I'm putting on the Helmet of Salvation. I'm putting on the Breastplate of Righteousness, and I'm confessing all of my sins, anything that might stand … Continue reading