More Hunting Jokes

From 'News of the Weird':A company in California has started to market "camouflage toilet paper" for usein the woods and plans to run testimonials from hunters who claim they have beenshot at while using ordinary toilet paper (by hunters who mistook them forwhite-tailed deer). Two morons are … Continue reading

“How about a little head?”

A man walked into a bar one evening, evoking a gasp from all who were there.The man's head was extremely undersized in relation to his body. He seemed to not be bothered by it at all. He spent great sums of money in the bar treating all the guests to several rounds. The bartender struck up a … Continue reading

Ugly Them To Death.

Down here in Cajun land we have really UGLY people. I used to see my neighbor, Thibodeaux, go out in the woods every morning and come back with a mess of squirrels, but I never saw him bring a gun. One morning, I went out and met him and asked him if he was trapping them squirrels. He said, "No, I … Continue reading

Two Moose In A Plane Experiment

Two hunters decide to go moose hunting in Canada. They hire an airplane to drop them off in a remote region. The pilot drops them off and tells them:"I'll be back in one week. No more than one moose - got it?" One week passes, and the pilot returns. The hunters have two moose. The pilot says: "Hey, … Continue reading