Free kick in the balls!

A stockbroker from New York City got tired of all the stories of his office colleagues who went duck hunting each year. They frequently boasted of their prowess in the hunt and how many ducks they had bagged. So not to be outdone this broker decides he’s going hunting to show them all up. He buys the most expensive shotgun available, all his hunting clothes and gear from L. L. Bean,gets his license and goes hunting. After an exasperating day of tromping through the marshes and briars without seeing a single duck, he heads back to his car. On the way back, he sees a duckfly overhead. He raises his gun and blazes away at it and actually hit it. The duck fall into a nearby farmyard. As the hunter starts to climb over the fence to retrieve his kill, he’s confronted by a farmer who says, “Where in the hell,do you think you’re going city boy?” The guy replies, “I’m going to get my duck.” The farmer replies, “My property, my duck.” The guy says, “Oh come on, I’ve been out here all day and and that’s the only duck I’ve seen, I shot it, it’s my duck!” The farmer again says, “My property, my duck.” Well, they argued for a few minutes and, finally, the farmer says, “I’ll tell you what, we’ll settle this country style.” The guy says, “What’s that?” The farmer says, “Well, I kick you in the balls as hard as I can, and then you kick me in the balls as hard as you can, and we keep this up and the lastman standing keeps the duck.” The guy not wanting to return home empty-handed reluctantly agrees. The farmer wearing large heavy work boots haul back and kicks the guy in the balls with all his might. The guy’s eyes roll back in his head, he coughs and wheezesbut barely manages to remain standing. He composes himself somewhat and says to the farmer, “Okay, now its my turn.” The farmer replies, “You can have the duck.”

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