One Unhappy Parrot

The old lady was lonesome and went to the pet store for a pet bird thattalks. The salesclerk showed her a cute little green bird and assured her itcould talk and in 3 different languages to boot. So she gets a cage and takes it home thrilled to death. The first day went by with the bird saying nothing. She gets a little worried and heads back to the pet store the nextday.
This bird you sold me has not said one single word” the lady told the clerk. “Well, does the bird have a mirror? Maybe he’s not happy – the mirror will help.” So the old lady buys a mirror and takes it home. After she puts it in the cage, the bird walks over to it, looks into it and says nothing the rest of the day.
Now the lady is getting upset and she marches back to the pet store the next day. When told the bird is still not talking, the clerk asks the lady if she has a ladder in the cage. “No” she replied.
So she bought one and raced home hoping this would help her little buddy talk. The bird calmly climbed up the ladder, looked into the mirror and sat there saying nothing the rest of the day. The next day found her in the pet store again talking to the clerk. He told her the bird needed a swing to make it’s happiness completeand THEN it would talk.
She told him it had better work or she was bringing the bird back. She took the swing home and put it in. The bird climbed the ladder, looked into the mirror, and sat on the swing swinging. He then saidhis first sentence and keeled over dead. Later in the week, the sales clerk saw the old lady and asked if the bird ever talked for her. “Oh yes,” she said, “the swing did the trick. He said – ‘Doesn’t that store sell any seed?’and then fell over dead.”

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