STEVEN WRIGHT – The COMPLETE Works – stereo HQ – (pt.5 of 5) – Funny Video

…and finally, here is part FIVE. (It’ll be interesting to see what the “decay rate” in hits is like, over the whole arc!) UPDATE! As of 01/June/2013, part one currently has 865k hits, but part two drops to 287. YouTube was always about short clips, thus the drop is unsurprising. However, after that, the decay is less, since most who have come that far stick it out (so to speak). Therefore, part three has 159k, part four 124 and part five 105.

At the time I uploaded this, YouTube’s time-limit was 10 minutes – later it would rise to fifteen – and these days, if you are a good boy and have the technology – it’s virtually unlimited. But this medium is still limited by the fact most watch it on tiny screens – thus the decay is SEVERE on long pieces!

Then again, it is relatively simple to download YouTube pieces and transfer them to DVD – and with the resolution rates having climbed on YouTube over the years, it is becoming a medium for sharing classic material at TV quality.

The next step will be when “Smart TVs” have HiDef HDDs built into them…

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