The Alaskan Parrot Joke

One very cold day a little green parrot was flying through Alaska. The morehe flew the colder he got, and the slower he flew. Soon he could not beathis wings fast enough to keep him in the air, and he plummeted to the icyground.THWACK!As he lay there breathing his last breaths, along comes a cow.And lays a big steaming pat right on top of the little parrot. All of asudden the little parrot starts to warm up and thaw out, and as he movesaround he starts to whistle a happy tune. Who should hear the happy tune but a passing cat who thinks “MMMM Dinner”.He digs in the pt until he finds the parrot and eats him whole.THE MORAL OF THE STORY-Those who get you into sh*t are not necessarily your enemies,and those that get you out of sh*t are not necessarily your friends.And if you find yourself somewhere safe and warm – keep your mouth shut!!!-submitted by Louisa Dickson

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