Top Ten San Diego Chargers Excuses

From David Letterman – Monday, January 30, 1995 Top Ten San Diego Chargers Excuses

10. Thought we were going to be playing against them Budweiser bottles.
9. We were frightened and disoriented by halftime show.
8. Some kid in section E, row 11 kept yelling, “Chargers suck!”
7. Wanted to get billion-dollar endorsement deals because of who we are, not because we won some stupid game!
6. If only we’d had Shapiro and Cochran on defense.
5. Ate free bags of Doritos until we were sick to our stomachs.
4. Have you ever seen a Super Bowl ring up close? Piece of crap.
3. Hard to concentrate when you’re having erotic fantasies about Kathie Lee.
2. Pre-game pep talk by Marv Levy.
1. We’ve already been to Disneyland.

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