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Two Irishmen were on holiday in Dover and walked into a pet shop.The first Irishman, Patrick said to the shopkeeper ” Can I please have a dozen budgies – don’t put them in a cage just put them in a box and I’ll take them with me.” The shopkeeper obliged and gave him a box with 12 budgies in it. Patrick paid for them and waited for Mick to make his purchase.Mick said to the shopkeeper ” Can I please have a dozen parrots -don’t put them in a cage a box like the one you gave my mate will do.”So the shopkeeper put 12 parrots in a box and Mick paid for them and the two Irishmen left the shop.They went up to the top of the white cliffs of Dover and Patrick took off his shirt and took out the budgies, one at a time, and selotaped them to his arms. He taped six budgies up his left arm and sixbudgies up his right arm. Next it was Mick’s turn.Mick took off his shirt and selotaped six parrots up his left arm and six parrots up his right arm.The two Irishmen then stood together at the top of the cliffs and Patrick said to Mick “Are you ready Mick?” Mick replied “OK”. They both jumped off the cliff together::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SPLATTTTTT!!!!!After about 5 minutes the two Irishmen started to come round. Patrick sat up and said to Mick ” I don’t go much on this BUDGIE JUMPING” Mick sat up and said “No, and I don’t think much of this PARROT GLIDING either.”

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